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For an architect or drawing office, 3D visualisations often make the difference between success or failure, the thing that will convince your clients/investors of how significant and well-conceived your project is.

3D Vizual makes professional 3D visualisations that can take your project to the next level.

A 3D visualisation gives your client a photo-realistic image of how the construction project will look – both during the day and at

Your client will not only be able to see how the house will look, but also the atmosphere created by the construction and how the residents can use the area.

This might be a good idea if you need to present a plan for a new housing block and the property developer is interested in knowing how the building will blend into the landscape.

Architectural Competitions

We also make 3D visualisations for architectural competitions where architectural firms present their ideas to a professional jury and therefore need their project to make a good showing.

We deliver the visualisations complete with lighting, effects, people and animals – in short, a realistic presentation of your project.


Why invest in 3D Visualisation?

A 3D visualisation can be used for all project types and offers endless advantages.

The model is made in photo-realistic quality and changes can be implemented during the process, allowing the architects in the drawing office to keep track at all times.

For architects, it is an advantage being able to present a 3D model to the clients that allows them to visualise their new home in minute detail and keeps them from making wrong choices in respect of materials or the location of doors and windows.

At 3D Vizual, we have the ability to approach all projects as if we were to live in the house we are working on ourselves.

We know how important even small details such as lighting and design and layout can be when creating atmosphere, particularly if it is a particular atmosphere you are trying to sell to a client. We therefore do everything we can to meet our customer’s requirements, whether it is for their own homes or a proposal for a major public construction project.

With 3D Visualisations:

  • You get a realistic image of the construction
  • You can create aesthetical visualisations of your project for architectural competitions
  • You can provide detailed information about your project
  • You gain an overview of the construction from all angles
  • You can illustrate all details

Are you an architect and do you want to visualise your project and make it look its absolute best?

Then contact 3D Vizual and let us help you make your product stand out.

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