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3D Visualizations

3D Visualizations are widely used within the sale of homes, which is our primary work area here in the company and where we have many years of experience. 3D Visualizations for project sales can be done in different ways, either as still images or as animations with movement. Or as a combination of the two.  







3D Still Images

3D still images are a fixed element in all project sales projects. Here, with the help of a frozen 3D image, it is easy to create exactly the atmosphere and style you want for your project. And you can just show it in the pictures, which you want the future buyers to see. You can also adapt the style of the images to a specific target group such as seniors +55, if that is exactly what your project has as a target group.

 The gallery slide below shows some examples of how such images can look and in what quality we deliver.

3D Animations

3D Animations are an incredibly effective marketing tool. It has been proven several times that exercise in the images retains the users for a longer period of time, and thus a better method to retain one's target group for a longer period of time. See below examples of animations we have done.

Eksamples of eksterior animati0ns:

Eksteriør Animation 1

Eksteriør Animation 1

Fælledbyen - PensionDanmark
Eksteriør Animation 2

Eksteriør Animation 2


Eksamples of Interior animations:

Interiør Animation 1

Interiør Animation 1

Thurinerhusene - NPV
Interiør Animation 2

Interiør Animation 2

Louis Poulsen

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a super effective tool to present future homes with. 3D still images come to life and the customer can move around the apartment as they wish. You get the opportunity to visit the apartment without physically visiting it. Here are some of the obvious benefits of Virtual Reality tours:

 1. Buyers save a lot of time as a physical presentation takes time

 2. The interactive Virtual Reality tours are always available online 24/7, so customers can visit the project exactly when it suits them

 3. You can display apartments globally so that you can sit in another country and explore your future home

 4. You save a lot of expenses for physical demonstrations and furnishing of trial homes

Interactive 3D viewer for Realestate

For project sales of apartments, an interactive 3D home selector is a necessity to give customers a good overview of where the individual apartments are located in the building. The property selector also provides additional information to buyers about the furnishing of the individual apartments with 2D plans and 3D visualizations or perhaps a link to a Virtual Reality.

The property selector is typically the person the buyer spends the most time investigating in order to find the apartment that exactly matches the buyer's wishes. See example below of such a housing selector. *The housing selector can also have a different appearance where materials on the facade have been applied.

3D Isometry models

On the website that is prepared for project sales, you can put up different 3D isometric models which give the buyers an interactive method to examine the project. You can either use a 360 degree model where the user himself turns around a building like the one below.

Interactive 360 spin of the model:

your 360 images

360 degrees animation spin of the model:

Or you can have a 360 degree video that automatically runs a spin around the building when the user looks at the model like here.
Solar diagrams are another option that can be developed which can be posted on the project sales website and help prospective buyers in their decision making.